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The RTX (Ruggedized Technology eXtended) specification is a RISC standard platform designed for demanding applications. Because of the platform’s innovative mechanical and electrical design, products developed with RTX are suitable for complex and challenging environments, such as those encountered in logistics, transportation/fleet management operations, military, and many other industrial applications.

RTX Design Features

  • 2.0 mm PCB thickness
  • Wide temperature -40~85 °C
  • 4 x B2B connectors
  • Wide range power input 5V~24V

RTX Connector Definition

  • Connector A: Power Management and System Bus
  • Connector B: Camera, PCIe, GbE, USB
  • Connector C: TTL, SD, eMMC, SPI, GPIO
  • Connector D: SATA, LVDS, HDMI, CANbus, UART, I2S

Comparison Table among Qseven, SMARC and RTX

Platform Qseven 2.0 SMARC 1.0 RTX 2.0
Connector MXM 2.0 MXM 3.0 MATSUSHITA B2B
Pin count 230 314 400
Application Portable Portable Ruggedized
PCB thinkness 1.2mm 1.2mm 2.0mm
Connector mating force 55~60N 55~60N 98N
Connector operating
temperature range
0~85゚C 0~85゚C -40~85゚C

Suitable Applications Include

  • Industrial control systems
  • Transportation/fleet management
  • Robotics
  • Power equipment
  • Inspection equipment
  • Military